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About us

Xinsansi (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd is material testing equipment and materials testing leading solutions for service providers, the company set the development, production, sales and service of one of the four materials, test material testing equipment and professional first-class professional solutions. In order to meet the needs of the user's actual test, is committed to the establishment of cutting-edge research and development in the field of leadership to help customers solve the various problems in the physical testing of materials.

Shanghai xinsansi team brings together many of the testing machine industry elite, for the purpose of customer service, with high quality products as the lifeline. And continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, research and development cooperation with foreign research institutions to develop a new test machine products. Inheritance and innovation gives Shanghai xinsansi soul, we are committed to become the new benchmark for testing field.

Whether it is from the basic material to complex parts, from the micro mechanics experiment to test large load mechanics, with the development of innovative products and continuously introduced, focusing on the global development and service layout strategy, will provide customers with solutions for more than the field of research and development and quality assurance requirements. We know the test and we are proud that the user has overcome the challenge of the experiment.

Shanghai xinsansi has three major product lines to meet the different needs of your test:

Pull product line

The main products are: electronic universal testing machine, electronic torsion testing machine, electronic pressure testing machine, etc.. The utility model is mainly suitable for testing the physical properties of metal, nonmetal, composite materials and products, such as tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, etc.. According to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards for testing and data processing.

Hydraulic product line

Committed to the professional development and production of electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, etc.. The main products of electro-hydraulic servo testing machine has a strong technical advantage.

Special product line

To provide customers with impact testing machine, hot deformation VEKA softening point tester, the flow rate of the dissolution test machine, pressure blasting test machine and other products and can be customized according to user requirements.


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